The Officers of the Shire

Seneschal (President)
Lord Alixandre Baton
(John Tsangaris)
email: seneschal <at>
phone: 417-208-9013

Exchequer (Treasurer)
Lord Nikita Pachavich
email: exchequer <at>

A&S Minister
<position open>
email: aandsminister <at>

Chatelaine (New member contact)
Lord Alixandre Baton <position open>
(John Tsangaris)
email: chatelaine <at>

Knights Marshall
Honorable Lord Jawhar ibn Akmal el Gazi
(Neal Tapp)
email: marshall <at>

<position open>
email: chronicler <at>

Master Gunnar Thorisson
(Jeremy Sacksteder)
email: herald <at>

Archery Marshall
Her Ladyship Anne Renarde
(Samantha Fay)
email: archerymarshall<at>

Lord Alixandre Baton
(John Tsangaris)
email: webminister <at>


* If you are interested in being an officer, please speak with the Seneschal. The criteria and expectation for officers has changed recently.