Armor Making Wed!

Sir Cedric will be working on making armor at 1528 Connecticut Ave, Joplin. ” We’ll be making blue barrel stormtrooper arms. They aren’t very pretty,(they’ll need to be worn UNDER garb) and certainly aren’t period, but they’re cheap, easy and protective. I have the blue barrel and nothing else should be needed at this point. If… Continue reading Armor Making Wed!

Shire 12th Night

The shire will hold its holiday gathering, 12th Night, Saturday January 3rd. This is a time when the members of the shire enjoy the holiday season together. There are several activities planned, including: Potluck dinner Gift exchange — bring a gift you think someone would enjoy to participate! A&S classes — Beginning bobbin lace and… Continue reading Shire 12th Night

Nov 26 and Dec 3

There will be no shoe making class this week. (It is the day before Thanksgiving.) Next Wednesday, Dec 3rd, Cedric is planning on taking fighter practice to Oakheart. Anyone interested in joining him, should contact him for more information.