From our Seneschal: Good morning, Shire Peeps! Populace this Wednesday at 6pm. It will be at Parr Hill Park again, though it’s tentative since when last I checked the whether was going to be bad. Decision will be today (Tuesday) at noon. If the weather sucks we’ll meet at my house. If it doesn’t, populace and a fighter… Continue reading Meeting!

Craft Night!

Craft night on Wednesday, April 27. We are going to be Helping Victoria with children’s favors for Lilies. So bring machines, fingers and whatnot. If yo don’t have sewing skills or have other projects of a more timely nature then bring your other projects and your conversation. There will be a great hive mind you… Continue reading Craft Night!

Shire meeting

Message from Alixandre: We have a surprise populace meeting this Wednesday. Ok. Kidding, we have it this time every month. ? The meeting will be at 6pm at Nikita and Anne’s. 15721 Kentucky rd, Neosho. (GPS address 15085 will get to closer to the house.) I’ll be bringing my instruments if anyone cares too as… Continue reading Shire meeting


Hello, everyone! Populace is this Wednesday (January 13th) starting at 6:30 pm. The meeting and shenanigans will be held at Alixandre and Lucrezia’s house at 1347 Heather Ln, Webb City. I’d like to arrange a jam session before the meeting, so if anyone plays an instrument, please bring it! Jam session to start at 5:45… Continue reading Meeting!

Populace Meeting!

From Lady Elena, seneschal of the shire: The populace meeting for October will be held on Saturday, October 17th at Anne and Nikita’s place in Neosho. It will start at 10:00, with a pot luck lunch after. I know this is different than we typically do. I wanted to switch things up a little for… Continue reading Populace Meeting!

Shire Get-together

There will be a multi-activity get together on August 15th. Activities will probably include heavy fighting, armor building, A&S projects, eating tasty food, and general merriment. Where: 15721 Kentucky Rd. Neosho MO. When: Shop will open 9am ish. Other things to follow. Feel free to come and go as you are able. Medieval clothes are not… Continue reading Shire Get-together

April Meeting

April Populace Meeting/Fighter Practice!!! Wednesday, April 8th, at Ewert Park in Joplin (weather permitting) The meeting itself I am going to schedule to start no later than 6:30 to give everyone time to arrive. Our plan is to have fighter practice before the meeting starting around 5:00. However, practice could start earlier than that if… Continue reading April Meeting

Armor Making Wed!

Sir Cedric will be working on making armor at 1528 Connecticut Ave, Joplin. ” We’ll be making blue barrel stormtrooper arms. They aren’t very pretty,(they’ll need to be worn UNDER garb) and certainly aren’t period, but they’re cheap, easy and protective. I have the blue barrel and nothing else should be needed at this point. If… Continue reading Armor Making Wed!

Shire 12th Night

The shire will hold its holiday gathering, 12th Night, Saturday January 3rd. This is a time when the members of the shire enjoy the holiday season together. There are several activities planned, including: Potluck dinner Gift exchange — bring a gift you think someone would enjoy to participate! A&S classes — Beginning bobbin lace and… Continue reading Shire 12th Night